Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dope Thangs to do in NYC- Hip-Hop Improv

Take It Personal: Hip-Hop Improv- UCB East

For the price of one NYC cocktail, hip-hop heads and comedy lovers alike have the opportunity to see one of the most respected guys in the both the rap and comedy community perform with a bunch of funny up-and-comers. Cipha Sounds's $12 show, “Take it Personal,” takes place every Friday night from 9-10 at UCB Theatre in the E.V.

An hour of live comedy in a small theatre hosted by one of the most legendary hip-hop DJs of all time, “Take it Personal” is a super dope experience.  Members of the audience share their own hip-hop related memories that are then played out in a couple rounds of sketches. The improv team that performs with Cipha, “A Tribe Called YES” is also absolutely hilarious. It’s a relatively young crew who holds it down even when Ciph isn’t there.

Buy tickets on UCB's website- they usually sell out by like 3pm day of, so you gotta decide by then if you're going to go. You can also get pitchers of beer, so it's a pretty dope pregame.

If you're not familiar with any of Ciph's stand-up, here's a clip of him performing at Gotham Comedy Club.

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