Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dope Thangs to do in NYC- Hip-Hop Improv

Take It Personal: Hip-Hop Improv- UCB East

For the price of one NYC cocktail, hip-hop heads and comedy lovers alike have the opportunity to see one of the most respected guys in the both the rap and comedy community perform with a bunch of funny up-and-comers. Cipha Sounds's $12 show, “Take it Personal,” takes place every Friday night from 9-10 at UCB Theatre in the E.V.

An hour of live comedy in a small theatre hosted by one of the most legendary hip-hop DJs of all time, “Take it Personal” is a super dope experience.  Members of the audience share their own hip-hop related memories that are then played out in a couple rounds of sketches. The improv team that performs with Cipha, “A Tribe Called YES” is also absolutely hilarious. It’s a relatively young crew who holds it down even when Ciph isn’t there.

Buy tickets on UCB's website- they usually sell out by like 3pm day of, so you gotta decide by then if you're going to go. You can also get pitchers of beer, so it's a pretty dope pregame.

If you're not familiar with any of Ciph's stand-up, here's a clip of him performing at Gotham Comedy Club.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Inspired by the TKO Remix

Have you ever heard the TKO Black Friday Remix? Fire bars from A$AP Rocky, J. Cole aaaaand King Push are tossed on an already fire JT hook. When I heard it for the first time, I literally thought, "wow this is amazing.. I need to get back on Kazmere Thoughtz so I can write about this."

So we back. Besides being late on the TKO Remix, I've been pretty up on my game. Hip-hop is a pretty big part of my world, and there has been so many dope things going on that I'm excited to talk about.

Check back to learn more about some good music, dope events, etc. etc. etc. For now, I'll leave y'all with the TKO Remix because it is soooooo good.