Friday, July 26, 2013

House Party 5: Tonight's the Night

In high school, senior prom is one of the most hyped-up events. It isn't because its the last time us ladies get to spend hours at department stores finding the "perfect dress" that we will never in our lives wear again. It is definitely not because we looked forward to hearing graduation songs play on loop for 4 hours. (Is there anything worse than Vitamin C??) The real anticipated event is the after party. For some reason, high school seniors forget that they are going to see all of their friends until late August, and act like it is their last party together.

Anyways, our after prom party was going to be bumpin. Earlier in the week, we bought 2 kegs of finest Natty Light the from another kid in our class and then drove an hour away to hide them in the woods behind my friend's lake house. We were set. It wasn't until the morning of prom that we remembered we didn't have a tap. Long story short: one of my friends ended up paying this kid $25 bucks to rent his for the night. We should've known this wouldn't be the last of our problems. After a long night of dancing, and a seemingly even longer ride up to the lake house, we were ready to start partying. As the girls arranged red solo cups in perfect pyramids for pong, the guys grabbed the kegs from the woods and to tap them. Only, instead of beer, the only thing that would come out of these kegs was foam. After hours and hours of attempts, we settled for the fact that the tap was broken. Our high hopes for the party of the year were crushed, but, like any good group of friends, we laughed it off, played some water pong, and called it a night. My friends and I still crack up whenever someone mentions that night, and I don't think any of us are ever going to forget it.

What was your most memorable house party story? Drop a short blurb about it in the comments below. One lucky participant will win their own copy of the House Party 5: Tonight's the Night DVD. Don't forget to unlock some hilarious GIFs by clicking the soundboard below.


  1. great article! senior prom is always great BEER or not..glad you made the most of it :)

  2. Had a party once and me and my friends went pool hopping through the neighborhood! It was really fun until someone recognized us and called my friends mom!!! Haha

  3. One timemy friends and i threw a darty for halloween weekend. This guy who was a friend of a friend of a friend shows up. He was stumbling all over the place and making no sense. At first I thought he was just blacked out so I was just messing with him and making him pose for stupid pictures. Then he started rambling about how there was something wrong with his shirt. He then proceeded to take it off and throw it across the yard to get the supposedly messed up shirt away from him. Then he started saying even weirder things so we kicked him out of the party. After he left we noticed his sweatshirt was still there so we checked what he had in it and inside of a cigarette box was a crack pipe. Yes, a crack pipe. He was literally on crack. That totally explained why he was so weird and made absolutely no sense. I immediately threw it on the ground and shattered it.Looks like he's gonna need to get a new crack pipe.