Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Album Review: Yeezus

I've been hearing alot of negative feedback on Yeezus, and I definitely understand why. Kanye West is a waaay different rapper- and man- than he was when he dropped College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation. To us long-term Kanye fans, the fact that this style is never coming back is heartbreaking.  But he has evolved from it as an artist. Since 808s & Heatbreaks, all of Ye's albums have had their own distinct styles. 808s is nothing like Dark Fantasy which is so different from WTT, etc.

After listening through Yeezus once, I thought it sucked.  What the hell are some of these hooks? Some of these beats sound like they're leftover from 808s. Even the album art sucks.

But you can't just listen to a Ye album once. So I played it through a few more times, and I have definitely grown to appreciate Yeezus. Do I think it is a perfect album? Absolutely not. There are parts of it that I cannot stand, like the Charlie Wilson bridge in Bound 2. It doesn't even sound like it belongs in the song. I still do think that many of the songs are very 808 & Heartbreaks (Guilt Trip, some parts of Blood on the Leaves etc), although I think he cuts them better with impressive bridges and samples.

Favorites: Blood on the Leaves, New Slaves and I'm in It
Kanye West- I'm In It 

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