Tuesday, June 11, 2013

8 Songs to Keep You Grindin

I have finally returned from a really long drought. To my defense, its been a pretty rough semester. My classes and internship took up most of my time, but summertime gives me the opportunity to get back on my game. Anddd June is shaping up to be a great month, given the albums that have dropped (leaked) and are about to drop. I also gotta do my biannual Tupac commemoration post on his birthday June 16th. Also, Dollar and a Dream tour hits Philly on June 21st. It is a crime if you miss J. Cole and he's playing in your city... tickets are one dollar.

I'm gunna leave you with a few songs to get you through those rough days. Like I said, it was a tough semester. I felt like I was workin 24/7. I'm very thankful for hip-hop for gettin me through my worst days. Anyone who says rap is meaningless is ignorant. These songs are modern day motivational speeches if you ask me.

8. Rise Above- J. Cole 
7. Faith- Kendrick Lamar
6. Last Call- Kanye 
5. Tomorrow- Big Sean
4. Tick Tock- Pusha T & Raekwon 
3. History- Jay-Z
2. Two Words- Kanye
1. Premeditated Murder- J. Cole 
    "Keep grindin boy your life could change in one year and even when it's dark out the sun is shinin

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