Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rappers that Get Too Much Credit

Other than his radio hits, Wale's album songs are nothing more than mediocre. His voice often gets drowned in his beats. I love songs that he's featured in, like Cole's "You Got It", but, when you think about it, features are really where Wale gains his popularity.

Tyler the Creator 
I feel like real rap fans aren't even feelin Tyler anymore. He definitely produces some talented, and creative music, but it doesn't really attract a rap crowd. If you go to a OF concert, you're likely to be joined by a bunch of teenage hipsters whose idea of being rebellious is going to one of these concerts. Also, even the realest, most thug rappers wouldn't use the promotion, "kill people, burn shit, fuck school".

Don't get me wrong... Wiz is my boy. I saw him at the TROC in Philly during his Kush & O.J. Tour and it was Good Dank. But you can't tell me that Wiz Khalifa is the BEST RAPPER.. or even close for that matter.  Wiz has great beats and a great voice...but his raps aren't that dynamic. And his mainstream songs are garbage... especially compared to Deal or No Deal and Kush & O.J.

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