Monday, February 20, 2012

MTV's Hottest Mc's List

So... incase you missed it, Sway and a panel of other hip hop intellectuals sat down to configure a list of the top ten hottest mc's in the game right now. After some debate, Rozay ended up topping the list, followed by Drizzy, Ye, Nicki, Wayne, Meek, Big Sean, Hov, Wiz and Wale, in that order.

 Honestly, I have tried to deny that Rozay deserves all this hype he's receiving, but you can't deny the bangers that came off of Rich Forever. Rozay even got old school Nas to come back out in "Triple Beam Dreams" and its obvious that Common only picked "Stay Schemin" to diss Drake in because all he had to do was make a hot song already hotter by replacing French Montana's lines with something doper.

Drizzy barely missed the title this year by only one or two votes. I think Drake definitely could have gotten the title, if you look at his dirtiest songs. Not that I don't jam out to "Shot For Me", but I don't think that songs from Take Care should be used as proof of why Drizzy is the HOTTEST MC. The songs that Drake goes hardest in are definitely: It's Good (on Tha Carter IV), The Motto and Stay Schemin (everyone loves the Vanessa grill) When Drake goes hard like this, I feel him a million times more.

Yeezy had another strong year. WTT was incredibly hyped up, and got released with not ONE clean, album version leak... pretty impressive. The panelists were arguing that Kanye will never be the lyricist that Hov is, but I don't think that is accurate at all. Listen to Ye's verse in "Illest Muthaf***ers Alive". It's evidence of his creativity in itself. Still can't argue with #3.

Nicki at #4 is a little sketchy. She definitely has the hype right now, and I love this girl, but I think of her as more pop than hip hop. Every single Nicki fan I know is also a Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry fan. Nicki is definitely the hottest pop star in the game right now, but she is definitely not showing her MC side at the moment.

Big Sean should probably have gotten higher than #7, HOV is the ultimate everything right now so i think he should have been higher than #8, Wiz and Wale on the list are questionable. J. Cole not making the list is embarrassing to MTV. And everyone's gotta stop sleeping on Pusha-T. His "Fear of God" mix tapes are fire.

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