Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Sick Verses That Were Slept On

5. Nas- Triple Beam Dreams
On his mixtape "Rich Forever", Rozay not only landed a Nas verse, but he landed a Nas verse that sounded like it was from the 90s. I've heard time and time again that Nasty Nas has lost his flow, and that he should quit rapping while he's ahead. But he shuts all of those people up in TBD with proof that he can still spit dirty. Though he definitely enhances it, Rick Ross needed Nas to make Triple Beam Dreams the banger it is.
4. Lil Wayne- It's Good
Not that I would ever encourage a rapper to go against Hov, but you can't deny how hard Wayne goes in on this "Tha Carter IV" jam.  If you're a popular rapper and you're going to make a diss track, you better make sure you've got strong lines, because everyone's going to be tweeting, blogging, or making a status update about it... and weak lines only make it easier for another rapper to attack you.  The strong delivery in the line "I'm a grown ass Blood, stop playin with me" is convincing enough to make the toughest thug think twice before messin with Wayne. 
3. Kanye- Illest Muthafuckas Alive
If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that Kanye West has fallen off, I'd have enough money to buy that ridiculous Givenchy outfit he was rocking during the WTT Tour. This may be a disagreement in style, but I think that Kanye's lines have only improved since his College Dropout days. The amount of entendres and wordplays in Ye's lines are honestly ridiculous. You have to look up the lyrics of a Kanye song, analyze them, and then you'll be like "Damn, how did he come up with that?"
Click This To Go To RapGenius's Site and Read the Meaning of "Illest Motherfucker's Alive" (It's dope)
2. Cole- Rise and Shine
Honestly, J.Cole's still being slept on in general. But from the hype he did receive for "Cole World", he definitely didn't receive enough props for "Rise and Shine". Cole is debatably the realest rapper to appear on the scene since Eminem, and his style has some features that are undoubtably comparable to Pac's. Out of all the songs on "Cole World", Rise and Shine is the best example of J. Cole as the realest rapper in the game.
1. Big Sean- High Rise 
Many people were waiting on the Finally Famous album, because the mixtapes produced alot of hype. But Finally Famous the album was lamer than any of Big Sean's mixtapes. I think that Big Sean could be one of the greatest rappers, based off the potential he shows in "High Rise". People who think he has no skill are basing their opinion off of songs like "A$$".

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