Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Reasons Why MBDTWF is a Classic

5. You Always Have A New Favorite Song
Each song expresses a different emotion, so you're always going to be feelin a different one. Just had a break up? Your probably jamming out to "Blame Game".  "Power" on the other hand, just makes you feel like a boss.
4. He doesn't hide behind his features. 
Though Ye has some of the most talented artists in the industry appear on his album, he's never outshined. (Okay- I'll admit it, Hov killed him "So Appalled", but that was arguably the verse of the year...and its Hov) Kanye matches dope features with even doper verses.
3. THE LYRICS!!!!!!!! 
WHO SAYS KANYE'S NOT A LYRICIST?!?! My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has to be one of the most lyrical albums of all times.  His innuendos and entendres are INSANE. He put so much creative and intellectual thought into each of his verses.
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2. He addresses his controversies from the past year. 
But he does so in a very subtle way. He addresses his ego, and the fact that he is an asshole, showing that he's not the crazy self-absorbed monster everyone makes him out to be. Ye took a year of his life away to make this album, and he definitely shows that he poured his heart into it.
1. He didn't talk about college. 
I struggled with 808 & Heartbreaks as much as the next person, but I really didn't want to listen to Ye talk about college anymore, either. The Bear Series was amazing, but it was good that Ye "graduated". Kanye's raps have become more mature and creative.

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