Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trouble for the Boss

Rick Ross may be finding himself on the other side of the jail cell. TMZ reported that the police are investigating the homicide of a 40 year old man who was shot outside of the ex-correctional officer's Miami home this morning. People would probably assume that Rozay had something to do with it, because of his raps, but the rapper lacks any sort of street cred at all, so I doubt that he'd actually shoot a guy in front of his house. Plus, after just being crowned MTV's Hottest MC, I doubt he would do anything to risk losing the spotlight.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Suck

But the Grey Album doesn't. DJ Danger Mouse got into a lot of trouble a few years ago for creating this mashup of the "Black Album" and the Beatle's "White Album" due to copyright problems, but it was worth it. This version of "What More Can I Say" is without a doubt better than the original. Check it out for yourself. 
DJ Danger Mouse- What More Can I Say (Hov) 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Not Very Young Money

Young Money has yet again signed another washed up musician to their group. Weezy and Birdman signed 41 year old Limp Bizkit. Wait, what? Does Limp Bizkit even rap? Is there even a requirement to be in Young Money? At least Mr. Durst won't the only guy in YM old enough to be Lil Chuckee's grandfather. In December, YM signed 41 year old Mystikal and 39 year old Busta Rhymes. What's the point of having a record group called "Young Money" if the members are all old? With the rappers in YM right now, I don't see much potential. Weezy should be on the search for some new, talented rappers... with a little less mileage.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Few Good Diss Tracks

Nas- Ether 
After Hov called out Nas at Summer Jam 2001, Nas did the unexpected and dropped this very blunt diss track. It is said that Jay-Z was sobbing when "Ether" was played for him during a Hot 97 interview. Damn... you know you've made a hard diss track when it makes H to the Izzo shed a tear. In general, this is definitely one of Nas' hardest songs.
Tupac- Hit Em Up
Pac and the Outlawz spit fire on this track that disses Biggie, Puffy, Lil Kim, and all of Bad Boy Records. This song epitomizes the East Coast/West Coast feud. Pac doesn't hold back...rapping about his affairs with Faith Evans and calling out Big for jackin his style.
Jadakiss- Checkmate
After shots were fired at him and Fat Joe in Fiddy's "Piggy Bank", Kiss dropped this diss track, along with "Shots Fired" and "Problem Child." Jadakiss also challenged 50 Cent to a rap battle at MSG for 1 million dollars, which 50 declined. Kiss is the freestyle master, so it was wise of 50 to back away from this challenge.

Throwback Thursday

Scarface- On My Block 
This song is such a classic, and the first song to be featured on "Throwback Thursday." Shout out to my boy Scarface from the Dirty South.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is J.Cole the "New Pac"?

One of my favorite aspects of J.Cole is that he not only learned from the legends, but he incorporated their style into his own. For instance, in "Looking For Trouble", he says, "Never said I'm better than Hov but I'm the closest one", which is a shout out to Hov's classic BP line, "If I ain't better than Big, I'm the closest one."

In particular, Cole seems to incorporate a lot of Pac references to his work. The "See World" instrumental off the mixtape "Friday Night Lights" is Tupac's "Pain". And Cole makes quite obvious reference's to Pac's "Hail Mary" in "Enchanted" (also off Friday Night Lights).

Cole's "In the Morning" was definitely influenced by Pac's "Rather be Ya N.I.G.G.A." If you listen to the two back to back, you can easily tell how similar their styles are.

Rappers that Get Too Much Credit

Other than his radio hits, Wale's album songs are nothing more than mediocre. His voice often gets drowned in his beats. I love songs that he's featured in, like Cole's "You Got It", but, when you think about it, features are really where Wale gains his popularity.

Tyler the Creator 
I feel like real rap fans aren't even feelin Tyler anymore. He definitely produces some talented, and creative music, but it doesn't really attract a rap crowd. If you go to a OF concert, you're likely to be joined by a bunch of teenage hipsters whose idea of being rebellious is going to one of these concerts. Also, even the realest, most thug rappers wouldn't use the promotion, "kill people, burn shit, fuck school".

Don't get me wrong... Wiz is my boy. I saw him at the TROC in Philly during his Kush & O.J. Tour and it was Good Dank. But you can't tell me that Wiz Khalifa is the BEST RAPPER.. or even close for that matter.  Wiz has great beats and a great voice...but his raps aren't that dynamic. And his mainstream songs are garbage... especially compared to Deal or No Deal and Kush & O.J.

Rappers Who Aren't Gettin the Love They Deserve These Days

Okay, his "Death Comes in Three's" mixtape didn't produce that many bangers, but neither did Rick Ross's, and he was voted MTV's hottest MC. B.E.T. is a dope song. And he takes Drizzy's beat to the next level with verses on "Lord Knows". Fab's still got it.

Jadakiss is the definition of a straight-up thug. I haven't heard a lot of him, lately, but what I have heard was rough and raw as usual. He goes so hard in "It's Good" with Weezy and Drake. He also does his thing on B.E.T. with Fab.

Pusha- T 
Pusha was, is, and will always be the man. He's definitely one of the realest rappers. After going solo, Pusha signed to Ye's G.O.O.D. Music group, where he started gaining buzz again for his verse in "Runaway". He also had a dope verse in "So Appalled", and the "Fear of God"'s were fire.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Reasons Why MBDTWF is a Classic

5. You Always Have A New Favorite Song
Each song expresses a different emotion, so you're always going to be feelin a different one. Just had a break up? Your probably jamming out to "Blame Game".  "Power" on the other hand, just makes you feel like a boss.
4. He doesn't hide behind his features. 
Though Ye has some of the most talented artists in the industry appear on his album, he's never outshined. (Okay- I'll admit it, Hov killed him "So Appalled", but that was arguably the verse of the year...and its Hov) Kanye matches dope features with even doper verses.
3. THE LYRICS!!!!!!!! 
WHO SAYS KANYE'S NOT A LYRICIST?!?! My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has to be one of the most lyrical albums of all times.  His innuendos and entendres are INSANE. He put so much creative and intellectual thought into each of his verses.
Click Here to Go to RapGenius to Read All MBDTF Lyrics
2. He addresses his controversies from the past year. 
But he does so in a very subtle way. He addresses his ego, and the fact that he is an asshole, showing that he's not the crazy self-absorbed monster everyone makes him out to be. Ye took a year of his life away to make this album, and he definitely shows that he poured his heart into it.
1. He didn't talk about college. 
I struggled with 808 & Heartbreaks as much as the next person, but I really didn't want to listen to Ye talk about college anymore, either. The Bear Series was amazing, but it was good that Ye "graduated". Kanye's raps have become more mature and creative.


There's nothing like a Kanye West, John Legend collabo. The two just sound so good together... Legend's voice pairs so perfectly with Yeezy's beats. Besides the obvious album collabos, such as Blame Game (MBTWF), They Say (Be), and Number One (Get Lifted), Yeezy has done versions of other songs with JL, which, in some cases, are actually better than the version that ended up on the album.

This is the original version of Homecoming. For those of you who don't like Chris Martin, you'd probably prefer this one. I like em both, but I definitely think Ye chose the right version for the album. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Reasons Jay-Z is the Man

5. He's married to Beyonce. 
Beyonce Knowles captured everyone's heart as the lead singer of Destiny's Child. 15 years later, Beyonce's still killin it. When Hov said, "I got the hottest chick in the game wearin my chain", he was being serious. The only woman to match the success and talents of Sean Carter is Beyonce Knowles.
4. He shies away from the media. 
Jay-Z is never tweeting crazy things, or saying anything ridiculous to TMZ. He knows how to present himself and keep a clean image. You gotta show respect for a guy who continues to make headlines, even though he tries to lay low.
3. He convinced Oprah to like rap. 
I couldn't watch more than 3 minutes of an episode of her show, but this clip is proof that Hov convinced Ms. Winfrey that rap has a purpose. Oprah's usually only talking about how great she is, so her shout out to Jay shows that he's a pretty big deal.

2. He raps about his own experiences. 
There's a lot of rappers who get questioned on the legitimacy of what they're saying. Jay-Z is never one of those guys. Hov actually lived through all the things he raps about. Legit rappers carry so much more emotion in their raps than fake ones.
1. He's an entrepreneur. 
Nobody has business experience like Hov does. Growing up, he used to sell coke. Now, the name "Jay-Z" is a brand in itself. He is a walking advertisement for any brand he is seen using or wearing. Sales in Cristal sky-rocketed after a mention by Mr. Carter. "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man" 

"Had Cyphers With Yeezy Before His Mouth Wired"

An old school Rick Ross track produced by Yeezy in the early 2000s. Looks like the two have been complimenting each others tracks since way before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

5 Sick Verses That Were Slept On

5. Nas- Triple Beam Dreams
On his mixtape "Rich Forever", Rozay not only landed a Nas verse, but he landed a Nas verse that sounded like it was from the 90s. I've heard time and time again that Nasty Nas has lost his flow, and that he should quit rapping while he's ahead. But he shuts all of those people up in TBD with proof that he can still spit dirty. Though he definitely enhances it, Rick Ross needed Nas to make Triple Beam Dreams the banger it is.
4. Lil Wayne- It's Good
Not that I would ever encourage a rapper to go against Hov, but you can't deny how hard Wayne goes in on this "Tha Carter IV" jam.  If you're a popular rapper and you're going to make a diss track, you better make sure you've got strong lines, because everyone's going to be tweeting, blogging, or making a status update about it... and weak lines only make it easier for another rapper to attack you.  The strong delivery in the line "I'm a grown ass Blood, stop playin with me" is convincing enough to make the toughest thug think twice before messin with Wayne. 
3. Kanye- Illest Muthafuckas Alive
If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that Kanye West has fallen off, I'd have enough money to buy that ridiculous Givenchy outfit he was rocking during the WTT Tour. This may be a disagreement in style, but I think that Kanye's lines have only improved since his College Dropout days. The amount of entendres and wordplays in Ye's lines are honestly ridiculous. You have to look up the lyrics of a Kanye song, analyze them, and then you'll be like "Damn, how did he come up with that?"
Click This To Go To RapGenius's Site and Read the Meaning of "Illest Motherfucker's Alive" (It's dope)
2. Cole- Rise and Shine
Honestly, J.Cole's still being slept on in general. But from the hype he did receive for "Cole World", he definitely didn't receive enough props for "Rise and Shine". Cole is debatably the realest rapper to appear on the scene since Eminem, and his style has some features that are undoubtably comparable to Pac's. Out of all the songs on "Cole World", Rise and Shine is the best example of J. Cole as the realest rapper in the game.
1. Big Sean- High Rise 
Many people were waiting on the Finally Famous album, because the mixtapes produced alot of hype. But Finally Famous the album was lamer than any of Big Sean's mixtapes. I think that Big Sean could be one of the greatest rappers, based off the potential he shows in "High Rise". People who think he has no skill are basing their opinion off of songs like "A$$".

MTV's Hottest Mc's List

So... incase you missed it, Sway and a panel of other hip hop intellectuals sat down to configure a list of the top ten hottest mc's in the game right now. After some debate, Rozay ended up topping the list, followed by Drizzy, Ye, Nicki, Wayne, Meek, Big Sean, Hov, Wiz and Wale, in that order.

 Honestly, I have tried to deny that Rozay deserves all this hype he's receiving, but you can't deny the bangers that came off of Rich Forever. Rozay even got old school Nas to come back out in "Triple Beam Dreams" and its obvious that Common only picked "Stay Schemin" to diss Drake in because all he had to do was make a hot song already hotter by replacing French Montana's lines with something doper.

Drizzy barely missed the title this year by only one or two votes. I think Drake definitely could have gotten the title, if you look at his dirtiest songs. Not that I don't jam out to "Shot For Me", but I don't think that songs from Take Care should be used as proof of why Drizzy is the HOTTEST MC. The songs that Drake goes hardest in are definitely: It's Good (on Tha Carter IV), The Motto and Stay Schemin (everyone loves the Vanessa grill) When Drake goes hard like this, I feel him a million times more.

Yeezy had another strong year. WTT was incredibly hyped up, and got released with not ONE clean, album version leak... pretty impressive. The panelists were arguing that Kanye will never be the lyricist that Hov is, but I don't think that is accurate at all. Listen to Ye's verse in "Illest Muthaf***ers Alive". It's evidence of his creativity in itself. Still can't argue with #3.

Nicki at #4 is a little sketchy. She definitely has the hype right now, and I love this girl, but I think of her as more pop than hip hop. Every single Nicki fan I know is also a Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry fan. Nicki is definitely the hottest pop star in the game right now, but she is definitely not showing her MC side at the moment.

Big Sean should probably have gotten higher than #7, HOV is the ultimate everything right now so i think he should have been higher than #8, Wiz and Wale on the list are questionable. J. Cole not making the list is embarrassing to MTV. And everyone's gotta stop sleeping on Pusha-T. His "Fear of God" mix tapes are fire.